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"Our goal is to bring transparency and responsibility to every step in our food chain, reassuring consumers regarding food origins, as well as improving and automating our internal processes and supply-chain."

Arnaud de Belloy, President of Herta

Herta is the leader in pre-packaged deli meats in France. Present since 1963, the brand has 176 references (ham, pie dough, hot dogs, sausage, bacon, pre-packaged sandwiches…) and is now the most purchased brand in the country.

Herta belongs to Nestlé and Casa Tarradellas Group. 

"Even on a commodity like milk, you can still leverage innovation and create added-value"

Alessandra BONACASA, Marketing and Commercial Director of Prospérité Fermière - Ingredia

Prospérité Fermière is a dairy cooperative founded in 1949. It has 1,600 members – producers spread over 1000 farms in the Hauts de France region, and collects about 410 million liters of milk per year. Ingredia is the manufacturing branch of the cooperative, and the 3rd global player in milk and milk proteins.

"We chose Connecting Food because of their industry knowledge and food traceability expertise, which goes much further than simply tracing batches and dates, via LiveAudit®, a digital tool which allows real-time verification of compliancy with product specifications."

Fabrice MAUMY – Director of Digital Transformation and Information Systems – Terres Du Sud

The Terres du Sud cooperative group brings together 6,000 member producers, employs 1,500 people and has an annual turnover of 572 million euros. It is structured around 6 branches, including vegetable and animal production.

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"I hope that my peers will adopt this technology as soon as possible because it will bring the spotlight back to our work. Today, agricultural jobs are experiencing a vocational crisis. This (technology) will create leverage and ensure producers both big and small will able to connect with consumers."

Patrick Larrère, director and producer, Fermes Larrère

Larrère Farms is a company based in the south of France, specialized in the production of organic and conventional vegetables. From a 60-hectare farm in 1981, the family business has now grown to 1,300 hectares.

"We started working with Connecting Food because they were the only ones with the true capability to trace a product from farm to store with the blockchain."

Agnès Texier, Juste & Vendéen

Juste & Vendéen is a regional French brand created by the farmers of the FDSEA 44 cooperative. Eager to bring more transparency to consumers and to enhance their production, they created their own brand in 2018.

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"With Connecting Food, we have obtained real-time traceability, and we can bring more transparency to the consumer."

Mario Zambrini, Head of Coop Italia’s Organisation and Processes

Coop Italia is the #1 retailer in Italy, with more than 1,400 stores across the country. The group places high priority on the quality of their private label brands, like Vivi Verde for instance.

Coop’s choice to work with Connecting Food was motivated by our ability to pair digital auditing with traceability in a single platform.

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